Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Doctor is Alive and Well in Northampton!

The image I've posted here is the very first (haphazardly drawn and photocopied) poster ever made for Dr. Sketchy's Northampton. I remember sketching it up, nervous and excited about this new venture I was embarking on. Not knowing what form it would take, how the community would take to this cheeky event, never having run an event or project before. I post it here now because, more than two years later, Dr. Sketchy's continues to run a new and inventive show for artists and doodlers alike every month, still on first Fridays, still at the Elevens on Pleasant St. Many things have changed over this time, least of which being that I (Caity) moved from Northampton back to Boston last November, leaving the position of director in the capable hands of my then-assistant, Kyle Gintzler. Since then Kyle has run numerous unique, fun events and I'm proud that Dr. Sketchy's continues to be alive and well in the valley. I let this blog fall to the wayside a year ago when I sensed that our Facebook page was the only way our audience was really reaching us. But that's about to change, and Sketchy's Northampton is is getting it's own makeover. In the coming months we'll be posting pictures from all the amazing events from the past year, and keeping both the blog and the hub site (drsketchy.com) more updated. The creative haven of western ma has embraced Dr. Sketchy's and kept us alive, and we're dedicated to throwing even more exciting and saucy parties every month. With the help of our friends and fans, we can outdo ourselves each and every time,and give the audience a truly wild experience of art, burlesque, and music for years to come. Stay tuned, y'all.


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